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We’ve been using SharePoint for quite a while and advanced Business Process Management capabilities embedded into the platform is something we felt needed an enhancement. We decided to use WEBCON BPS and it met all of our technological and business requirements. But more importantly, our end-users are satisfied with the new system and the adoption rate is high.
Martin Meze
Project Manager at Diners Club Italy
One of the biggest strengths of WEBCON BPS is the fact that it allows to create a simple business application within one afternoon. Meanwhile hardcoding a dedicated application for the same purpose would take weeks and consume considerable amount of financial resources.
Marek Witkowski
CIO at Suedzucker Poland
Custom development based on SharePoint requires extensive development abilities. Unfortunately, creating such competences is not a simple task, primarily because of the necessary time. In this context, the use of BPM platform provides, in many cases, the technological safety and the ability to deliver functional solutions with less effort.
Krzysztof Patla
CIO at Rovese Group
We found WEBCON BPS intuitive and able to not only route and configure as demanded, but to provide sophisticated features ready for use in the advanced global implementation with our dealer and distributor network around the World.
Whitney Skaling
CEO at Soilmoisture