Automated MS Exchange account management.

Review information, approve and automatically create or disable Exchange acounts
Let managers apply for account (de)activation via easy to use web form.

What do you get?

End users engagement

  • Managers are responsible for entering employee data on SharePoint form
  • Validation of all required fields
  • Interface consistent with previous applications

One-click administration

  • Confirmation via forms
  • Once approved Exchange accounts are created or deactivated automatically
  • Swift process of adding users to distribution groups

Flexible Exchange account governance

  • Full access to complete history of account-related activities
  • Exchange management responsibilities can be shared with other departments
  • All requests documented

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Want to know how to make your own, brand new workflow in WEBCON BPS?

1. Installation manual

2. Workflow presentation

3. Adding events to the Exchange calendar

4. Assigning Exchange tasks

5. Adding and configuring a ‘Start a Sub-workflow’ action

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